Our Fave Coffee Related Products on Amazon!

Many of you have asked what products we use at home for our coffee brewing needs. The following products are what we use regularly and/or recommend. *Full disclosure*, these links will direct you to the associated product on Amazon, and as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases via our link.

Cold Brewing

If you have been keeping us with us on Instagram, we have been singing the praises of all things cold brew this summer! We have been using these convenient disposable filters for home use and for the sample batches we brew up to share at our pop-up markets. Disposable Cold Brew Filters 

Coffee Sock reusable cold brew filter

For those of you that prefer a reusable filter, we are currently testing the Coffee Sock cold brew filter, and so far we ave found it very easy to use. Keeping it clean is as simple as boiling it in water for 10 minutes once a week. 

The Coffee Sock - Reusable Cold Brew Filter 


Electric Coffee Grinders

If you are in the market for a home coffee grinder, I highly recommend making the investment in a good, reliable burr grinder. The advantage of a burr grinder is that it grinds coffee beans to a uniform size, which makes for a better, consistent cup of coffee. Having a uniform size in your ground coffee helps to avoid clogging and potential extraction problems, no matter what brew method you use. 

Here at 3 and Fifty Coffee, because of the amount of coffee we grind for testing, we use a commercial coffee grinder at home:

Baratza Forte AP (All-Purpose) Ceramic Flat Burr Commercial Coffee Grinder 

I love the convenience of being able to switch between the container or the portafilter holder depending on the grind type of coffee I need. Having both macro and micro grind sizing helps me to really dial in the right grind consistency when I am testing out recipes.

White Baratza Encore conical coffee grinder


Baratza does have entry-level grinders for home use such as the Baratza Encore with a more economical price point. The Encore features a conical burr grinder, and while it might not have all the bells and whistles that the Forte has, the value for what you get is outstanding. 



 If you are looking for something a little more compact on both size and price, you can't go wrong with the Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder. This little grinder has 12 adjustable grind settings and an excellent entry price point. Bodum in general has outstanding quality products, so you can't go wrong.


Coffee Machines

As a coffee roaster, I feel the need to test my coffee roasts for all types of coffee preparation. That being said, I test my roasts by preparing them as pour overs, drips, espressos, french press and cold brew. But my everyday, go-to coffee drink of choice is an Americano.

Many years ago, in an effort to support my coffee obsession and our coffee habits, we decided to invest in a "good" coffee machine. We prefer espresso-based drinks in our home, so we took ourselves off to Sur La Table just to look. We looked, we tested, we tasted, and we fell in love with the Jura Ena 7.

Jura Ena 9 Coffee maker

This magical machine has not let us down since 2011. But as new replaces old with all technology, our fave machine was been discontinued. We still use ours every day and after all these years, still get an outstanding, consistent Americano with the touch of a button.

It takes patience, and concentration when making specialty coffee manually. I will be the first to tell you that I am not a Barista. But, as a coffee roaster, I always test my roasts. For that I use the following:

For Espresso: Breville Duo Temp Pro 

Breville Duo Temp Pro espresso machine

I love this little guy. It is easy to use, and clean. I think it is a great entry level, home-use machine. I'm still perfecting my espresso shots, and this machine keeps it simple and basic while I continue to learn.





 For Drip Coffee: Cruxgg Drip Coffee maker

When I first saw this machine it gave me cool-guy vibes.
Black with red lettering was not what I was expecting,
but it has proven to be very reliable and I love the options it has,
Cruxgg Coffee Machinemaking it a versatile home-use machine. The machine has a customizable brew strength option which gives me flexibility in dialing in my batches.







Do you use a K-cup machine? While we do not offer K-cup options at 3 and Fifty Coffee, we do manually grind and test our roasts for use in K-cup machines! I always advocate using a reusable filter when possible, but for our purposes, we use disposable and recyclable K-cup filters. Disposable K-Cup Filters 

Disposable K-Cups





 Have you tried to fill those little K-cups with a spoon or a funnel? Ugh - what a mess!I find this scoop the perfect tool for consistent measuring, ease of use, and keeping things neat while measuring out ground coffee into tiny little pods!
K-Cup scoop